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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 12, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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photographers and gawkers. a stretch hummer limo pulled up at u.s. district court around 11 a.m. irwin gomez, celebrity stylist and hairstylist peggy iokum stepped out to a crowd of photographers and reporters. >> you think this is a bit much of a circus? [ laughter ] yes. >> reporter: they were subpoenaed by the federal grand jury, which was convened to investigate whether fraudulent statements were made to the government in the matter concerning the alleged party- craing incident involving michaele and tariq sahalis. first they were interviewed and then testified separately. gomez briefly spoke to the press following his appearance. >> it was a very good experience but as an american citizens, i'm here to serve my country and that is all i have to say. i thank you for all the support and the support that on and
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love. >> reporter: the sahalis spent several hours at the spa the day of the dinner as they prepped for the real housewives of d.c. shot footage of them getting ready. gomez esn't offer details of what was said or asked during the federal grand jury hearings. >> most important to know all my clients know how private i am and i value their privacy and that is the most important thing for me. >> reporter: the big question now is will the sahalis appear before the federal grand jury? i reached out to the attorney today through e-mail and phone and haven't heard back from them. back to you. >> reporter: have we heard anything else about carlos allen? i spoke to the attorney a half hour ago. i asked them directly has your client been subpoenaed by the federal grand jury? he said no and he's not contacted by the house homeland
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security committee. they going to be holding a hearing where the sahalis have been subpoenaed and that is for january 20th. he's not contacted to appear before that committee either. no federal grand jury, no homeland security. he's busy tonight make the media rounds in los angeles. brian, back to you. >> all right, claudia coffey reporting live for us tonight. another high-profile investigation, two more wizards players were questioned in the gilbert arenas gun case. mcgee and miller were called away from practice to speak with investigators. at least seven players were questioned about what happened with arenas. arenas admitted pulling out guns in the verizon center locker room saying he was playing a joke on a teammate. no criminal charges were filed but a youry is investigating that as well. a teenager shot in southeast this afternoon died from his wounds. they're searching for two men they believe shot the 18-year- old on alabama avenue. they believe they might be in a
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red or maroon chrysler, the car last seen on g street moving toward mlk avenue around 4:00. the vehicle may have a silver emblem on the front. the change is on tap for 1 million people in d.c. and northern virginia. your drinkingater about to get a makeover. you may never notice the difference but the change could plug a hole in the nation's terrorism defense. >> reporter: for millions of folks in and around d.c., the water winding up in their homes starts here. the washington acquestion duct turning up 1 ate million gallons every day. >> it will be safe to dripping. >> he runs the washington aqueduct and is overseeing a big change in how they see the water in the potomac river. >> it's good, however, there would always be bacteria and viruses ithe water. >> reporter: how they kill it is what is about to champ.
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chlorine gas is used. since it trucked in in containers, theoretically, it would be an attractive target that. ed to build a chlorine bomb. >> it's not available for an accident or criminal activity or someone who interfere with the water supply. >> construction is underway on a new building, what is the difference? for starters, it reduces the opportunity for terrorists to steal or release the gas and is less volatile for workers on site. this may not sound like a big homeland security issue, it is. the water system's sety and security has been on the radar screen for quite some time. >> it's a good thing. >> councilman phil mendelson, the chairman of the public safety committee said the move keeps the water clean and reduces possible security threat. the quality of the water should continue to be be good. the use of a less dangerous
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form of a -- >> the switch-over is expected to take place in march once the new building is finished. >> there will be no noticeable effects. >> reporter: a security solution expected to be good to the last drop. in northwest, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. we're following a developing story right now. people screaming for help, following a strong earthquake in haiti. the 7.3 magnitude quake was centered near the capitol of port au prince. a number of buildings were damaged or destroyed. witnesses say one hospital has collapsed, others report seeing houses tumble into a ravine. we'll stay on top of this story throughout the evening. the adam walsh act gives authorities the right to keep convicted sex offenders behind bars after finishing the prison sentence. some say that law goes too far.
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craig bosswell has more on the debate. >> reporter: a criminal defense attorney said that a case before the u.s. supreme court resembles's hollywood blockbuster. >> reporter: this is like the movie "minority report" where precrime becomes a basis for the government to lock you up. >> reporter: a case involves five convicted child sex offenders being held indefinitely in north carolina, more than two years after the prison tomorrow ended. the men designated sexually dangerous by the government. two lower courts ruled the law allowing them to be -- unconstitutional >> the federal government doesn't have the power to take people off the streets and put them in prison. it thinks they're sexually dangerous. >> reporter: in 2006, president bush signed the adam walsh child protection and safety act, which, in part, allows the federal government to indefinitely confine convicted sex offenders. >> these are often frequently pedophiles or sometimes rapists.
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this is protecting largely women and children. >> reporter: while the law is untended to deal with the worst of the worst, some ask if it would be possible to extend civil commitment to someone believed to be dangerous in general and where did that end? the constitution size does not provide strict limits here. that is one of the big issues here. what does the government have to show to commit people. >> reporter: the court is expected to rule on the case by the end of june. at the supreme court, craig bosswell, fox 5 news. coming up next here at 6, the neighbors never expected something like this to happen. a disturbing discovery on the quiet maryland road. and later, beer, wine, of course wheny? no matter what your poison, you could soon be hit by a new tax on booze. and do we hear a warm-up? >> it's not here yet, brian. you know. the system that brought us the flurries last night pulled another batch of cold air into the region and a breeze, too. you can see by our shaking camera. gusting to 18 miles an hour. the windchills in the 20s.
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yes, the warm-up has not been cancelled. we'll talk about when you can expect it and how warm it will get when the news edge continues.  ♪
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>> the news edge on a murder mystery. a teenager's body found in a quiet neighborhood. paul wagner has more. >>reporter: montgomery county police are saying they have good, solid leads to follow in the murder of an 18-year-old african-american male from prince georges county. they are not yet releasing his name. he was found early this morning in the mount zion section of the county. >> we were excited about 1:52 this morning. police and fire rescue responded and determined that he was dead on the scene. we are investigating this as a homicide. right now, we believe that we have the identity of the victim. we can't release it. we're still trying to determine where his family is.
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>> reporter: the body of the teen was found 20 yards off the road in the driveway of the vacant farmhouse. he was discovered by someone who pulled on to the property. the police say that person remained on the scene and was questioned. the police say the 18-year-old suffered trauma to the body but the motive is unclear. the police say neighbors reported drug activity in the area in the area of the murder in the recent weeks and months. they have not released the identity of the teenager, brian. they're still trying to locate the family at this hour. back to you. >> paul wagner reporting live tonight. a boom box is blamed for this early-morning fire in rockville. the home of marcia court was completely filled with smoke. a home owner made it out safely after the smoke alarms started going off. the man had a boom box in his dining room table, causing $75,000 in damage. the longtime fire chief in fairfax has a new job. the chief is moving to frederick county, maryland,
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taking over as the county's director of fire rescue. wens starts february 1st and is in the chief and fairfax since 2003. coming up next at 3, two stories to cost you. first is happy hour. a plan to raise taxes on your favorite booze and now baggage fees at the airport. which airlines are raising prices and by how much. as we go to break, punxatawney phil is going to text message his weather prediction this year. whether he sees a shadow or not, you'll be among the first to know when phil dials you up on february 2nd. go to the web links section on
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>> if you blink, you probably missed it. peta came undefire for using
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the likeness of first lady michelle obama without her permission. peta used the first lady in the antifur campaign because she does not wear fur. the posters were put up in metro stations around the area. be sure you have extra cash the next time you head to the anti, especially if flying delta or continental airlines. going to cost you more to get the bags. the carriers are charging $25 for the first bag. $35 for the second and that is one way. double it up if going round trip. they don't a fly to premium class flyer or active military members. southwest is now the only airline not charging for checked bags. jet blue doesn't charge you for the first one. you may have to dig deeper to have a cocktail in maryland. proposing the tax increase on alcohol. >> reporter: if passed. the alcohol purchases in maryland would go up 10 cents. right now, maryland is facing a $2 billion budget gap.
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the supporters of the tax say the increase in revenue would help shore up the gap. they estimate the dime a drink tax would raise $200 million. the money they say would save lives by funding key public health meets. we're talking alcohol and drug abuse treatmentsdevelopmental disability services and mental health needs. maryland has the 48th lowest alcohol tax rate in the nation: one of the bill's sponsor said the 10 cents makes sense. >> when asked, brother can you spare a dime, the maryland public overwhelmingly said yes, we're ready to do it. let's get there. especially when tied to the health and human serves. >> however, some don't like the idea. saying the lower sales in maryland bring in the money from out of state. this is still proposed legislation and not law@.
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right now, we're looking at an uphill battle and it's possible that they'll be looking at it in the future. all right, laura evans tonight. one more day to go. >> we could use a warm-up, for sure. if we get to 40 degrees tomorrow, that will be the first time that we have been at or above 40. >> i believe it. >> and that is a long haul and still cold and windy. we'll be flurry free tonight. there were flurries passing by. that was the disturbance that brought us in the breeze. tomorrow's temperature should hit 40 degrees. it's below average this time of the year and it will be out of the 30s. feels bit or 40, on thursday at 45 degrees. how about friday at 50 and saturday, 48 degrees.
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i wouldn't describe that as a january thaw but a mini you that would work for these days. today's high, 35 degrees and very cold out there. we have air temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s, including 33 in washington; 30, baltimore and annapolis, they picked up .2 of an inch of snow, we still have a windchill out. there 20 daze in gaithersburg. hagerstown, 19 and winchester, 18 degrees and very chilly out there. the winds running around 18 miles an hour. that is affect -- affecting temperatures. we're showing you this. when we go to the west to east, we're finding warmer temperatures, denver is 50. great falls, montana, spending so much time below zero is 51 degrees and wichita, beginning to show signs of warming up.
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that is the kind of air that wl head in our direction. for tonight, though, some teens -- some of the suburbs will fall into the teens and still chilly at 25 degrees. a bit of a breeze. the beginning of the trend is tomorrow. slightly warmer and up to 40, may be a few spots south of town and getting above that. at 7 in the morning, the cold start for us, for sure. degrees. by noon, should be 38 degrees and by 5:00, the length of the car wash should be about a block long. 39 degrees. the temperatures getting well above freezing. the max hd satellite and radar, we don't have much in the way of cloud cover. forecast to take a dive into the gulf coast and effect us this weekend. it's a storm, the same storm in the specific northwest and developing in the gulf of mexico and may bring us a mix
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of rain and snow into the weekend. this is your five-day forecast, though, the sented week we're going to have and the warmer week. saturday, the clouds increase at 48 degrees and sunday, which is the beginning of the three- day weekend for many people, since sunday is a martin luther king holiday, sunday may feature a mix of snow with a temperature of 41 degrees. a mother who lost her two sons is offering hope to inmates. four years later, his brother jay was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. the dad lost -- gave the doctor a mission, to provide hopto those who thought they had none andhared her story to a group of inmates preparing to re- enter into society. >> great to hear her story and where she came from. the motivation for me. i want to be a positive role
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model for the kids. >> they're part of the center's stars program to be involved, the inmates must submit a application and write a screening process and appear before a selection committee. and to redskins park we go. and new developments on the defensive side. the sports edge is coming up next. first, even the super bowl is taking a hit from the down economy. the cost of a 30-second commercial is as little as $2.5 million, down from 3 million last year. it's monday, some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try total raisin bran. with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals and the luscious taste of plump, juicy raisins and crunchy whole grain flakes. ... ... guess it's all about what kind of unch you like.
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small price to pay for all that taste. try one today. subway. eat fresh. >> good evening, dave ross here with your sports edge. the question as to who will be the redskins next offensive coordinator might be clear. craig bloss has the job but believed that mike shanahan will tag someone else for the
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old position. it won'tbe this one, mike zimmer, the offensive coordinator in cincinnati. he's staying there and signing a three-year contract extension. now, it appears that the leade is this guy, the well-travelled jim who was at redskins park yesterday. he was once the headman with the the rams and sanes and out of the nfl last year coaching the start up of the football league. gary gray is a possibility, stay tuned. these are tough times to be sure, for flip saunders and his washington wizards hosting the pistons tonight. eight members of the wizards participated in this afternoon's shoot around. two, mcgee and miller were busy being questioned by authorities, looking into the gilbert arenas gun investigation. the co-captain, he was not there either. he had an issue with family members and is also serving a one-game suspension, andre blatch for conduct detrimental to the team and missing is gilbert arenas and jevan. they're not sitting well with the new head coach, flip
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saunders. >> after 30 games, you -- not to see where they're at and when they're done, you have an understanding -- what is needed. right now, you know, there is going to be discipline. >> how hard is it to change a mind set? >> going to be easy. >> ouch. whole you were sleeping, lebron james wearing one orange and blue shoe. look at the feel here and the spin move, gets up to shaquille o'neal who is cherry picking on the other end. if you're going to foul shaq, foul him harder than that and watch ellis. he thinks he has the lay-up. bron james does it with everybody. and look at him going up and smacking that out there of and shaquille o'neal was enjoying it. the cavs with the win on the road, 117-149. and how about the tera pins kicking off the acc schedule. with a 77-68 win over 19th- ranked florida state. the early season schedule, not easy for the terps.
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tonight, gary williams and company with a quick turnaround against a dangerous wake forest team on the road. >> it's going to take something to get ready. these guys are showing some things, they really are. >> besides the wizards and terps, the caps in action tonight in tampa. we'll have all the highlights, brian, a very busy night in the world of sports. back to you. >> thank you. did you see this? maryland governor martin o'malley calling on massachusetts governor duvall patrick to make good on a bet. the two had a friendly wager between the ravens and patriots, which, as you know, the ravens won. >> i want to say to governor deval patrick and the patriots, congratulations on a hard- fought game w. the regard to the gentlemanly bet we had, i wanted to say this. duvall, send down the lobster! [ laughter ] >> you like that one?
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the ravens beat the patriots, 33-14. no response from the governor just yet. i'm assuming he will make good on the about the. let's look at the forecast. >> you can till kill me with an invitation and i didn't see that coming from martin o'malley. meanwhile, we have a warm-up we see coming, a gradual thing and we're hard-pressed to call 40 a warm-up. after all the days in the 30s, it should feel good tomorrow. thursday, 45; friday, 50 and looking to the weekend, looks like an east coast storm and will be hard-pressed to find enough cold air to be a big snowstorm and looks like a mix of rain and snow. stay tuned. >> see you back here at 10. after idol. pressure, like me,
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